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Why Is My A1c High?

Your daily random blood glucose readings are good. You watch your carbohydrate intake, exercise, take your medication as prescribed, avoid smoking, and try to live a healthy lifestyle.  But still, your Hemoglobin A1c (“HbA1c” or just “A1c”) is over 7.0 which leaves you frustrated, wondering what you are doing wrong. One thing to consider is […]

Home Exercises to Keep You Moving

It’s totally understandable if you don’t want to be going to the gym right now. For me, I really struggled to keep active and sane during this pandemic. Home workouts may not be the same as my gym workouts, but at least it gives me a way to destress to take my mind off of […]

Back to the Basics – Buffet-Style

What if there was a way to create a simple, nutritious meal that took everyone’s preferences into consideration (yes, even the youngest, most selective eater) and gave you back more quality time with your friends and family? With a little prep and a buffet-style set-up, you can make this a reality!

Toddler Milk Trends

What better way to kickoff Kids Eat Right Month than to take a closer look at one of the newest toddler food and beverage trends hitting the shelves! If you haven’t heard of “toddler milk” yet, you soon will. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), toddler milk is the fastest-growing category of break milk […]

Bone Health: Tips for Strong Bones  

Did you know that your bone mass density peaks at 30? Strong bones are important to help us move and support our bodies. Without them, it would be difficult to do the things we love. Eating a balanced diet, being active, and not smoking or drinking excessively helps keep our bones strong and healthy.     […]

Strong Immune System Against COVID-19

Our immune system is such an elaborate system of many interconnected parts that requires balance and harmony. Our desire is to live a healthy lifestyle that builds a strong immune system in order to fight off the coronavirus or other harmful substances should we come in contact with them.