Our Team

Carol Banister, RD/LD, MS, CDE

Founder Banister Nutrition LLC

Sit down with Carol and you will quickly be drilling down together to figure out: “why is my blood sugar always high regardless of what I eat, why does  my weight keep going up when I know I eat much less than I used to,” or as one struggling with an eating disorder “why can’t I eat like everyone else and not be so scared of food, I just want to be normal.” Carol is fascinated with both the nutritional and psychological aspects of food and humans. She knows food is at the core of your health and the first line of therapy for many disease entities such as diabetes, celiac disease, PCOS, hypoglycemia or FODMAPS. Carol is aware, for many of her patients, food is their drug of choice to deal with anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, anger,  insecurity and many other emotional/mental health struggles. Don’t expect to be handed a rigid meal plan or list of food rules. Do expect to have a captivating conversation with her which opens doors to curiosity about your relationship with food.

Carol is a certified diabetes educator(CDE) and a certified pump trainer.

Carol ‘s professional acknowledgments include: pioneer work in the field of eating disorders by the Oklahoma Eating Disorder Association,  President Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Entrepreneur of the Year– Kansas State University, Alumni board member for the College of Human Ecology – Kansas State University, Internship board – Oklahoma State University.

When Carol finds free time she will be cycling, going to the gym or a yoga class, working in her flower gardens, attending a bible study class or spending time with her son and family in Edmond or daughter and family in Denver.

Carol is thrilled to be able to say she loves her work in the field of nutrition as much today as she did when she opened her practice 37 years ago and that is an absolute blessing!

Carol Banister

“On a daily basis I get to hear about and participate in the process of people making changes with thinking, self -talk, behaviors, food, nutrition and movement. They get happier, healthier, more energetic, and empowered. I will never in a million years tire of watching this transformation in the lives of those who have trusted us.”